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Tul'ix Indigenous Arts are rooted in and inspired by Yucatec Maya healing traditions as passed down by the late Don Elijio Panti.   I came to this work in 2009 via dreaming and inspiration, and in the years since have had the good fortunte to connect with Don Elijio's living descendants and be awe-inspired by their environmental work in Belize.  I stay in close contact with them around how to best offer this work with integrity in the world outside their community.  

This work is unique in the bridge it creates between traditional knowledge and modern anatomical understanding.  The keystone of this work is external abdominal, pelvic and sacral massage, supporting the ligaments of the uterus to rebalance, restoring alignment to this vital organ.   While this work can be invaluable to women's health, there are applications and benefit to people of all ages, stages, genders and lifeways.  

In addition to bodywork, the work includes  pelvic steaming, castor oil applications, herbal preparations, hip swaddling, spiritual healing, ceremony and more.  The goal is always to restore homeostasis and support hemodynamics - trusting the body to find center.  This work can be supportive to any number of reproductive, digestive, circulatory, structural, biomechanical and energetic imbalances. 

For more information on this beautiful and sacred work, click here. 

Arvigo Mayan Spiritual Healing 

Spiritual Healing is performed in the tradition passed down from Don Elijio, and is implemented through an individual receiving a Spiritual Bath.  Baths are prepared with fresh plants, prayers, water, incense and intention, powerfully moving stagnant energy and bringing peace to the auric field.   In Don Elijio's lineage, it is believed that people can become afflicted with various spiritual sicknesses, including difficult persistent emotional states.   Baths can also be used to support and soothe the emotions and also for more complex spiritual conditions and are a tremendous space-clearing tool. 


This gentle earth-based tradition is particularly helpful to children and animals.  Spiritual healing is offered to almost every client on the table via prayers over the body.  If desired, baths can be experienced at Moon Yoga year round.  In warm weather the receiver wears a swim suit or light clothing and is gently doused with warm herbal water outdoors.  In cooler weather, a variation using a hand and foot soak is offered with the recipient being bundled in blankets and this may happen in front of the fire inside.   Every bath is unique, ranging from gentle meditative experiences to transformative releases.  


Spiritual Bath sessions are normally one hour in length.  Longer sessions may be booked if the recipient wishes to learn how to embody this technique as a self-care tool.  



Developed by Tami Lynn Kent, a pelvic floor physical therapist and women's healthcare visionary, Holistic Pelvic Care™ and Holistic Pelvic Energy™ are a profoundly restorative set of physical and energetic tools to support the health of the female pelvis at all stages of life. 

Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC) combines gentle intravaginal massage, deep fascial release, muscular rebalancing, energetic restoration and the creation of presence.  Profound structural, energetic and emotional shifts are a common result of find new experiences of embodiment through this work. 

HPC is suitable for those with a strong foundation of self-awareness and a solid background of emotional work.  We will determine readiness together and the process is always client led.  For those who prefer working in the energetic, Holistic Pelvic Energy™ (HPE) is a just as powerful in the subtle realms, and has applications for all bodies.   

This work tends not simply our own pelvic bowl but the invisible thread of community that extends from every Mother.  To restore the feminine is to provide a balm for a fractured world. 

To learn more, please click here. 

Holistic Pelvic

Where to even begin?

Qoya is a movement practice, created by Rochelle Schieck (who often says its created her).  Qoya is a melding together of dance, yoga, sensual movement, community, ceremony and an awe that can feel like you are not just living where you skin ends, but fully occupying the infinite space of your Soul. 

Qoya is based on the simple idea that through movement we can remember.  We can remember our inner wildnerness.  Our freedom birthright.  The wisdom woven into our sinews.  And all the other things we know that we know but that we forgot to remember.  Dance belongs to all of us.  The right to revel in the raw pleasure of being alive can feel just as accessible as breathing.  It is whatever it needs to be to you. 

No prior dance or yoga experience is necessary.  It doesn't matter what it looks like.  You can't get it wrong so it doesn't matter if you get it right.    

I taught Qoya monthly at Moon Yoga for many years.  It is now offered periodically due to my schedule in Auckland and in more intensive retreat containers at Sky River and beyond.  To learn more about this beautiful work please click here.  

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