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here is where we share...  

Moon Yoga is a physical space.  Its a 120+ year old farmhouse near the center of the city, surrounded by towering trees, abundant birdlife and an edible medicine garden including a living labyrinth. 


This space is wrapped in the arms of a sacred mountain, which is named after a princess who made great journeys across water and land, saving her people through standing in the truth of her own capacity. 

Moon Yoga is also a place inside YOU.

In Sanskrit, a language that once reverberated through my mother's ancestral lands in Afghanistan, the word Yoga translates to a state of union.  Of being yoked.  Of not knowing what it means to be separate. 

Breath on face.  Vulnerable.  Seen.  Together. ​ 

The Moon is the ultimate navigator to this liquid planet.  Though we may be temporarily distracted by a billion blue lights, She makes the tides turn and the blood run.  We go to Her to remember we are not without power.  

All of us are in recovery.  From a history and a world that has seen us separated from the Wild, the Union, the Moon.  

All of us can do it.  Remember.  Dream.  Imagine.  Heal.  Embody.  Do that thing we thought we couldn't because the key was buried so deep inside.  ​


So here, amongst the trees - we work reverently with the lineages gifted to us.  Tending the body, tending the Earth.  Praying, massaging, steaming, dancing, tincturing, tending, gathering, healing, remembering.   

Moon Yoga is located in the Mount Albert suburb of Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland) on the North Island of Aotearoa (New Zealand).  Email to make an appointment or come to a class.  

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