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Samar Ocean Wolf Ciprian

Bodywork, Spiritual Healing, Movement Therapy
Retreats & Facilitator Trainings

Dear One,

Thank  YOU

for Being Here


Over the last fifteen years, I have been blessed and privileged to dedicate my life to traditional healing and land tending. 

As a child of two indigenous tribes, I am acutely aware of the losses humanity has experienced as we have been forced away from our cellular and cosmic root systems.   I am more convinced than ever that all individual healing is environmental repair and vice versa. 

I work with individuals and in community.  I offer bodywork and spiritual healing in the Yucatec Maya traditions of the late Don Elijio Panti, revered H’men from what is now known as Belize.  I also teach Qoya, a movement practice infused with ceremonial wisdom from the Andes that was developed by Rochelle Schieck.  I offer Tami Lynn Kent’s Holistic Pelvic Care™ and Yoga in a healing capacity.  Teaching bodyworkers, spiritual healing practitioners and movement facilitators is a large part of my practice.  

In 2019, a year after my partner experienced a life changing accident and I began my Uranus opposition in full force, I also became an accidental activist.  As a founding member of Honour the Maunga, I found myself in the intersectional space between theoretical decolonization and Nature’s right to life.  This is a constant burning issue in Aotearoa, and has helped me crystallize the urgent need for compassionate decolonization as a primary framework for navigating climate change and social justice issues. 

Through the dreaming, I have been led to two immense custodianship roles.  In 2020, I was charged with guardianship of the Arvigo® Institute.  This adventure has helped many beautiful seeds come to fruition.  These include supporting indigenous students to reclaim their medicine traditions, partnering with the Elijio Panti National Park in Belize, sharing with Walter Cholotio in his daykeeping and firekeeping traditions of Guatemala, contributing to the beautiful potential of the next generation at Taos Pueblo and standing alongside Shirley Waru, a wahine of unquestionable integrity, in her tree work in Tāmaki Makaurau. 

In 2021, I came to hold the container of what is now the Sky River Sanctuary (formerly Ashram Yoga Ohui) in the Coromandel.  It is a great honor to continue the ceremonial practices of my late teacher Swami Shantimurti Saraswati in that space while also dedicating it as an altar to Arvigo® and Qoya in Aotearoa. 

When on this island, you’ll find me between Sky River and  Moon Yoga, my sweet home clinic and movement space in Mount Albert, where it all started under the blessing of Ōwairaka, the sacred mountain that taught me how to love trees as wildly as they love us.  The rest of the time, I’ll be playing with coyotes in Taos or listening to my ancestor’s stories from deep within the Earth in Dubayy.  

As an Arab, I am deeply moved by the indescribable plight of Falastin.  All my online and in person offerings are gifts to Palestinians indefinitely.  

We are all indigenous to this blue planet.  Some of us have the great fortune of being born into intact lineages.  I believe this charges us with a responsibility to support those with willing hearts whose ancestral umbilical cords were severed too soon to come into deeper remembering, greater service and the sweetest available healing. 



Tul'ix Indigenous Arts bring together the ancient healing traditions of Don Elijio Panti's Maya lineage with modern anatomical understanding to create a profound repertoire of touch medicine and healing fits from Nature. 

Additionally, for the clients who need it,  I also offer Holistic Pelvic Care, a of physical and energetic tools that map and revere the wisdom of the female pelvis as a creation portal. 

Spiritual Healing as passed down by Don Elijio Panti is a synergy of Nature and Spirit, involving herbal baths, prayers, smudge and a deep reverence for the place of humanity on the wheel of life.  

With the permission of the client, and tailored to their own belief structure, Spiritual Healing is an aspect of almost every bodywork session.  Expanded Spiritual Bathing sessions are offered on request. 

Qoya is a movement practice that includes dance, yoga, ceremony and the magic of the Andean traditions that inspired its existence.   It is one of the most potent ways to heal in community and to remember that our species was born dancing

To me, Yoga is a shamanic technology that restores the antennae of our bodies to the wisdom of the cosmos.  This is the place from where I offer it.

Every year, I offer multiple opportunities to gather and learn - online and in person. 

My retreats are rooted in movement and ceremony. These are offered at Sky River and other sacred corners of our Great Mother. 

Facilitator Trainings include Bodywork immersions, Qoya Teacher Trainings and Spiritual Healing month long online intensives, to prepare those called to help with embodied tools and supported experiences to begin to do so.    


"Thank you for introducing me to Arvigo Therapy. I have had chronic pain and irregular, uncomfortable cycles following a car accident about twenty years ago. I have tried MANY natural therapies to address the pain and the irregularity. So far, the results of the Mayan massage and herbs have been the longest lasting! My chronic sacral pain has not returned six months after my three treatments. After the treatment my cycles started without discomfort. My cycles have also stayed regular for months following a one month course of herbs. Thanks for bringing this work to New Zealand. Keep it up! "

E.H., Auckland, New Zealand 


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